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9 Houghlahan’s Creek Road, TEVEN NSW 2478

All mail to: PO Box 326 ALSTONVILLE NSW 2477
Mobile: 0414 921 535
Phone: 02 6687 8923 Facsimile: 02 6687 8923
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  1. I am in Perth, really want Magnolia Teddy Bear, as the flowers sould like my grandiflora flower I had in Victoria. This gardener feels like I am in prison you see something on tv you can get it everywhere else except here!! very frustrating. Do you have an outlet in Perth please…..Cheers
    Josephine Markovich
    Scarbrough WA
    08 92454542

    • Still asking for info on where I can purchase a magnolia teddy bear in Perth Cheers Jsephine


  2. can you give a price for 6x 110 L michrlia magnolia

    also 6x 110L little gems

    • Hi Gerry
      Could you please confirm that yours is a trade enquiry and let us have your phone number so I may respond directly and privately.
      Robert Donato


  3. Please advise whether any of the magnolias could be successfully grown as a 1m high hedge, 3m deep? If so, what spacing would you recommend?


    • Hi Scott,

      Magnolia’s natural form wouldnt really suit the dimension you’ve laid out. Probably stick to the Sygizium varieties.

  4. Hi Robert
    Do you supply Magnolia Teddy Bear in 140mm-200mm pot size or similar. If so how much do you charge and can you freight to Port Macquarie.

    • Hi Manfred,

      We are considering 12″ size but not as yet. Our smallest is 35ltr. For prices contact Robert 0414 921535.

  5. l’m currently landscaping a job in Beaumaris, Melbourne and the client has requested Magnolia teddy bears, I’m finding it hard to purchase wondering if you could help. l need 5 at 1.8 -2 metres high, if you can help could you email me a price and availablitiy.


    Martin Collett

  6. would like a price for 5 x 110lt Little Gem Magnolia including delivery to our address in Sydney. Thanks, Helen

If you wish to email us about something, please include a contact telephone number in your email enquiry or please ring Robert Donato direct on 0414 921 535 or 02 6687 8923.

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